Bundle Stars: Bundle Fest Day #2 – Arctic Bundle

by on September 2, 2014

Bundle Fest Day 2! After fire comes ice – 7 chilling Steam adventures!

Play an ambitious young lawyer Kate Walker as a routine assignment takes her on a life-changing expedition across Europe in this critically-acclaimed adventure game. With a gripping script, rich characters and filmic camera angles, can you solve the game’s puzzles to unlock the mystery of Syberia?

Prowl dark corners and solve puzzles leading to the solution of a tale begun with obsession, and ending with madness and murder in Scratches.

Nikopol is a suspenseful adventure game set in a futuristic universe. The classic point and click gameplay allows for interaction with 8 characters in 6 different environments, each made of several settings.

Post Mortem is a chilling point-and-click horror adventure with stunningly detailed 360° panoramic views and realistic environments.

Still Life is a compelling crime adventure game set in modern Chicago and Prague in the late 1920s. With an intriguing cast of characters, explore the exquisitely detailed environments and investigate a series of mysterious homicides.

This bundle includes:

  • Syberia
  • Syberia II
  • Scratches: Director’s Cut
  • Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals
  • Post Mortem
  • Still Life
  • Still Life 2

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